The Nasoni Investigations

The Nasoni (Roman public water fountains) are a manifestation of the Roman characteristic of what could be described as Roman “water lust”. They speak of the public right for every Roman citizen to gain access to fresh water, constantly flowing reminiscent of the waters of Ancient Rome that would flow into and out of the city.

So what would happen if one were to take advantage of such a resource and begin to encroach on a right that is being offered? Is it even possible to “encroach” on such a readily available resource? The project conducts a series of studies focusing on whether there is a definitive threshold within the spectrum of public and private use of this ever flowing resource.

The project was commenced as part of the Rhode Island School of Design's European Honors Program (EHP) in which approx. 23 students from various departments are selected to partake in an independent study period in Rome, Italy - Received an Honorable Mention in the RISD Architecture Department Alumni Travel Award 2013 and featured on the website.

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